7 Things In Your Basement You Should Toss ASAP

Old Paint Cans

Paint tends to degrade over time, especially if the cans aren't sealed properly. Old paint can become lumpy or even hazardous.

Expired Canned Goods

Check the expiration dates on canned goods. Consuming expired food can be a health risk.

Damaged Electronics

If you have old electronics that no longer work or are beyond repair, it's time to recycle them properly.

Worn Out Clothing

Clothing that is too worn out to donate should be tossed or repurposed, as it just takes up space.

Outdated Magazines

These can quickly accumulate and become a fire hazard. Keep only those with sentimental or practical value.

Unused Exercise Equipment

If you haven't used that treadmill or exercise bike in years, it might be time to say goodbye.

Old Mattresses

They can harbor allergens and dust mites. If they're not in a condition to be donated, it's best to dispose of them.

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