9 Korean Wolf Cut Styles for women over 60

Classic Wolf Cut: 

A layered haircut with shorter layers framing the face and longer layers in the back for volume and youth.

Short and Sassy 

A shorter wolf cut with texture and volume that's easy to style.

Curly and Wavey:

A wolf cut with curls or waves can make you look playful and young.

Straight and Slim: 

Straight, sleek wolf cuts are easy to handle and attractive.

Choppy Layers: 

Choppy layers provide texture and dimension to hair for a trendy look.

Blonde Highlights: 

Blonde highlights can give your hair a young glow.

Side-swept bangs: 

A wolf cut with side-swept bangs frames your face and adds refinement.

Gray or Silver 

A sleek wolf cut will highlight your gray or silver hair.


A disheveled, shaggy wolf cut can look youthful and careless.

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