Burger King Just Launched 3 New Breakfast Items

Three new Burger King breakfast options were added for lucky customers, but American fans will have to wait.

The fast-food chain now offers Breakfast Wraps in sausage, bacon, and egg and cheese varieties.

These wraps are now only available at Burger King outlets in Canada, unfortunately for US fans.

An egg patty and melty cheese in a soft tortilla make up the new Egg and Cheese Wrap. The Sausage Breakfast Wrap and Bacon Breakfast Wrap 

have an egg patty, melty cheese, and breakfast meats in a flour tortilla. Burger King sells the new wraps individually or as part of a breakfast package

At a Toronto Burger King, Egg and Cheese Wraps cost $2.99 and Sausage and Bacon Breakfast Wraps $3.99. Locations may charge different prices 

American Burger King outlets don't carry these new Breakfast Wraps, but they do offer two similar breakfast alternatives. American Burger King 

restaurants serve a Breakfast Burrito Jr. with sausage, fluffy eggs, melting American cheese, crunchy hash browns, and a creamy spicy 

sauce in a soft white flour tortilla. They also sell an Egg-Normous Burrito with crispy bacon, fluffy eggs, shredded cheddar cheese, crunchy hash browns

The Breakfast Wraps rollout is the latest from a major fast-food business this year to offer intriguing new menu items in Canada but exclude US customers.

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