Inflammation May Cause All Your Issues


Inflammation is one of the body's defense systems when it is attacked.

The Body Defends

This occurs when injured skin gets red. This is the body's inflammatory response to isolate and kill invaders!

Inflammation Symptoms

The body reacts to inflammation in several ways. Joint pain or gastrointestinal distress can occur.


Physical and emotional factors including illnesses and stress can cause it.

The Effects Of Inflammation

Inflammation is increasingly linked to mental and physical symptoms.

Depressive And Bipolar Disorders 

Inflammation has been linked to depression in the same way that allergens can cause an allergic reaction.

Anxiety And Trauma

Childhood trauma has been associated with the development of inflammatory disorders later in life.

The Gut And Brain 

Brain function is connected to gut bacteria diversity. Children with more diverse gut bacteria had different brain activity, according to one study.

Inflammation May Cause All Your Issues