Skittles Is Launching Its Weirdest Flavor Yet

Yellow mustard is a classic hot dog and hamburger condiment. Should candy contain it? French's thinks so.

The condiment brand is selling mustard-flavored Skittles for National Mustard Day on Aug. 5. Tangy mustard and sweet sweets sound strange,

 but you're not alone. The surprise partnership shocked consumers, who shared their product reviews on social media.

French's has worked with other food producers to create eye-catching mustard delicacies for National Mustard Day for the past two years.

The McCormick-owned brand made mustard-flavored doughnuts with Brooklyn-based Dough Doughnuts last year.

French's made mustard-flavored beer with Oskar Blues Brewery in 2020 and ice cream with Coolhaus in 2019.

McCormick & Company intended to "outdo ourselves" for National Mustard Day in 2023, according to North America vice president of marketing Valda Coryat.

Coryat remarked, "We are thrilled to collaborate with Skittles to deliver our beloved Classic Yellow Mustard tang in a new, fun way to French's 

Regular grocery stores won't sell these odd Skittles. As a bright yellow "Mustard Mobile" van tours the country, French's will give away packs of mustard

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