Southwest offering limited time promo, should you bite?

Plans to Travel: Consider forthcoming travel. Does the promotion match your travel dates and destinations?

Are you flexible with travel dates and destinations? Airlines often provide route and timing promotions. 

Promotion Terms & Conditions: Read the fine print. Look for blackout dates, restrictions, and other stipulations that limit the offer.

Total Cost: Include fees and add-ons in your trip cost. Other airlines or travel methods may offer a better deal even with a promotion.

This deal may fit into your loyalty strategy if you're an airline frequent flier. Will it boost your points or status?

Travel Insurance: Consider whether the promotion is refundable or flexible if your plans change. If not, consider travel insurance for peace of mind.

Check prices before using the promotion. Compare prices with various airlines, booking platforms

Budget: Even with the promotion, budget for the expense. Do not overspend or strain your budget for a deal.

Flyers Boycotting Southwest Boarding Change