What Guys Think They Can Accomplish But Can't

Land A Plane

One in three Americans think they can fly, according to a 2023 YouGov research. Only 20% of women believed they could safely land a plane, but 46% of men did.

Beat Serena Williams In Tennis

No matter her gender, Serena Williams is a tennis legend. A poll found that 12% of British males thought they could beat Serena Williams. One in eight guys said they could do it in a YouGov poll of 1,732.

Mental Health Concerns

In a Priory poll of 1,000 UK men, 35% said they've had a mental health issue.Exist without addressing mental health concerns

Fix Stuff At Home

Most men can change light bulbs and hang a frame. Not everyone can fix plumbing or electricity.


Many men think they can multitask. However, humans are not wired to multitask. Therefore, neither men nor women are better at multitasking.

Fix Anything With Duct Tape

You'll have trouble convincing a male that duct tape doesn't cure everything!

Stay Awake During Rom-Coms

It can be difficult to focus and stay awake when watching a romantic comedy. Some males still claim to be able to.