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Home » Ways To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell From Wood Furniture 

Ways To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell From Wood Furniture 

Ways To Get Rid Of Smoke Smell From Wood Furniture 

You may have noticed a smoky smell on wooden furniture if you or someone you know has smoked cigarettes near it. This may also occur if you purchased the item used. 

Therefore, you might be asking how to fix any furniture in your home exposed to smoke odors. 

We’re here to show you how to remove the smoke odor from wood furniture, though. Whether the smoke is from a fire or cigarettes, this comprehensive guide will show you how to remove the odor from the wood. 

After that, not only will your furniture smell better, but it will also look fantastic. 

Manufacturing Smoke Odor Removal From Wood Furniture 

Step 1: Absorb

Absorbing the smoke residue is the first step in removing the smoke smell from the wood. This entails dusting baking soda on the furnishings. 

To let the baking soda absorb the smoke from deep within the surface, leave it on the inner section longer than the external part. 

  • Before vacuuming it, let it sit for a few hours or overnight. 
  • Test it on a discrete section first to ensure baking soda doesn’t react with your furniture. 
  • If unsafe, you can use ground charcoal or coffee grounds, which will work similarly. 

This method works well for getting skin oil off wood furniture and is also used to prepare your furniture for cleaning. 

Step 2: Wipe 

Scrubbing down your wooden furniture is the next step. 

In this case, using specialist cleaning solutions to eliminate smoke scents is your best option. 

According to numerous users, oil soap is another option that works well for removing stains from wood. 

You can create a homemade remedy by mixing equal parts water and vinegar if you don’t have any commercial items. 

Because vinegar has an odor-reducing quality, it’s frequently used to remove stains from wood, including blood stains and alcohol stains from wooden flooring. 

If required, take your cleaning solution and dilute it according to the directions. Use a sponge to apply it, then create a lather on your wooden furniture. 

To clean wood, use circular strokes and avoid too much abrasiveness, especially when cleaning antique things. This is also an excellent method for removing oil stains from wood. 

To help it dry, place your furniture in the sun. Additionally, the sun will aid in eliminating the final traces of smoke. 

Dry the furniture piece by hand using towels if the wood is damaged, dried, or veneered. 

Step 3. Verify Fresh Smell

While it’s unnecessary, using this final step can guarantee that your furniture will smell great afterward. 

Apply a few drops of essential oil of your choice onto a microfiber cloth for this stage. 

Rub the cloth all over its exterior and interior to leave the furniture smelling great. 

For any residual smells, you can also use an air freshener designed to reduce the smell of smoking. 

You can also place scented dog pads inside shelves or drawers to prevent the smell of smoke from spreading to goods inside furniture. 

This is especially helpful if you intend to store bedding or clothes in the furniture item. 

Manufacturing The Smell Of Cigarette Smoke From Wooden Furniture


Cleaning or lightly scrubbing your furniture is the first step towards eliminating the cigarette smoke smell. 

Since cigarette smoke frequently leaves a sticky residue in its wake, this is an attempt to address the odor from the root. 

A thorough cleaning can help remove sticky glue from hardwood furniture, as anyone who has done so before will attest to. 

As indicated earlier, you can use oil soap, vinegar, and water combo or commercial cleaning to eliminate tobacco odors. 

Another option is to use enzyme cleaners, which are excellent at neutralizing other aromas in addition to pet odors left behind by accidents. 

Using circular motions, apply the cleaning solution on a sponge and work it into the furniture. You can also use a soft-bristled brush to massage solid wood furniture into the wood. 

After that, let the furniture air dry or use towels to dry it by hand. 

Step 2: Deal With The Smell 

Sometimes, the smells can be removed entirely with a simple scrub, as previously mentioned. However, you may take a few more steps to guarantee that any residual smells are eliminated. 

Using a steam cleaner and gently cleaning the furniture is one method for achieving this. In essence, the smokey scent from your hardwood furniture can be absorbed by the steam as it displaces the molecules of smoke. 

If you adopt this method, open the windows as the smoke smell will quickly permeate the atmosphere. 

Newspapers and coffee grounds can also be used for this. Coffee grinds should be sprinkled on the newspaper lined within the drawers and shelves of your furniture. Please give it a minimum of two days. 

The scents ought to disappear after the coffee and newspapers are removed. 

Step 3: Displace 

Applying a pleasant fragrance to your hardwood furniture is the final step to guarantee freshness for an extended period of time. 

You can use a towel and a few drops of essential oil or wood oil to massage the furniture. Some individuals use automobile air fresheners and store them inside to make sure the furniture has a good smell when they leave it. 

For this purpose, air fresheners of any other kind can also function effectively. 


The good news is that you don’t have to live with smoke-scented furniture mostly because there are numerous strategies to guarantee that your furniture will remain pristine and smell fresh. 

Our process will guarantee that your furniture, whether it’s an antique piece you recently bought or your own, is left smelling as wonderful as the day it was made.

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